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Shareholder Engagement

According to, 8 § 27 a (2013: 561) on managers of alternative investment funds (“LAIF”), Nyhavn Capital AB shall adopt principles for its shareholder engagement regarding shares that are admitted to trading on a regulated market and that have been issued by companies within EEA.


Furthermore, in accordance with Article 37 of the EU Commission Delegated Regulation 231/2013 (the “Regulation”), the Company shall formulate appropriate and effective strategies for determining when and how voting rights in the Funds shall be exercised, solely for the benefit of the Funds and its shareholders.


The company acts exclusively in the mutual interest of the fund shareholders. The aim of the management is always to achieve the highest possible return, taking into account the fund's investment focus and risk. The fund invests in instruments associated with voting rights. Given the nature of the fund, however, the company does not normally take on an ownership role or participate in nomination committees and board work.


If the company's board of directors and nominees were to consider that it was in the best interest of the shareholders, the fund may deviate from the this principle. When deviations are made, the ownership role must be exercised exclusively in the common interest of the shareholders in the fund. This means that other interests from the company or related companies in the exercise of ownership must always give way in the event of conflicts of interest. For more information,



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